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July 24, 2018


Allen & Cristina

The Couple’s Story

Allen and I met on our first jobs. A quick friendship formed between the two of us, along with a bunch of good friends fondly called ‘the Payataz kids’. (If you are wondering about the barkada label, it’s a long story!) Our office barkada would always be together during breaks and after work hours. But Allen and I would be together more than that. It helped that we belonged to the same function at work. It required us to work closely with each other. I enjoyed our times together and back then I always looked at him as a best friend though some of our officemates were already teasing us. I could not imagine a day without being with him. (When we were eventually together as a couple, he would tell me that he had a crush on me so his intention for being with me all the time then was not very innocent after all!) After about a year, Allen had plans already to move on to a new job. This was when realization hit me about my true feelings for him… He became more than a friend, I was in love! Lucky for me, he felt the same way!

So we got together April 6, 2001, after that fateful business offsite to Cuidad Christia and a month of ‘courtship’ (I told Allen I’m still contesting this!). Our first official date was a movie (The Mexican starring Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts) followed by a dinner at Pancake House in Festival Mall. Allen arrived at our house with flowers (he claims I’m the only girl he ever gave flowers to, and I believe him!) and a teddy bear. We rode a tricycle on our way out of the village, ha ha. I think my family talked about this date for months! Soon after that, Allen and I were inseparable. Our times together were spent on dates, eating out (which we so love to do! kaya we both got fat!), farming and relaxing in Bukal, out of town trips, and even just seating on our couch at home and watching absolutely anything that interests us on TV like reality shows, F1, Iron Chef, etc. We both became part of our own families. Even simple things we do together are very special to us. But surely there are moments that stood out for us. Allen and I love vacationing and traveling. It was our first out-of-town trip together in Baguio (Panagbenga Festival in ’01) where we’ve gotten really close to each other. Our first Boracay trip was a great adventure. And of course, our memorable Bohol trip where we got engaged! We also had our share of problems and ‘LQs’. We’ve butted heads on simple and complex issues, fought and cried over relationship matters, and finally had one very serious ‘tense’ moment in the history of our relationship. This unfortunate turn of events ultimately became our blessing in disguise where we finally grew up, took responsibility, learned and thank GOD for the deep love we felt for one another.
We’re nearing our 5th year already. Allen and I have been together through ups and downs. We have laughed and cried together, shared dreams and fears with each other. And now we are gearing up for our greatest adventure of all!

The Engagement

Allen and I have been together as a couple for so long that it has always been our plan to get married and grow old together. Numerous times in the past when he would tell me that we should get married already, I would always hold up my left hand and ask, “Where’s the ring?” It’s funny how I would always imagine how he would propose that when it actually happened, it really took me by surprise. We had a Bohol trip coming up last October ’05 and we had planned to celebrate my 26th birthday there with our friends. I kept asking Allen what he got me for my birthday just before the trip and if he’s bringing it to Bohol. He replied that he got me something BIG! We stayed at the beautiful Panglao Island Nature Resort. The day started well with an enjoyable city tour where we saw the chocolate hills, tarsiers and a lunch along the Loboc River where I was serenaded with a birthday song. We had a big laugh during a romantic and cozy dinner at the resort when I broke a soup bowl at the buffet table. I was tired when we finally decided to call it a night. But all that weariness quickly disappeared when Allen told me he will give his birthday gift already and pulled out from his pocket an engagement diamond ring. No words can describe my joy at that moment. The ring was absolutely beautiful that the breathtaking view in Panglao paled in its comparison. The ring fit perfectly. I was so excited and overjoyed that I cried and laughed at the same time, and I did not hear him formally ask me to marry him! He had to repeat it and as you all know, I definitely and absolutely said YES!

The Wedding Band

The wedding ring Allen and Cristy chose is a simple 14 karat white gold band in matte finish. The inspiration of the ring design came from the wedding rings of celebrity couple Jesse James of West Coast Choppers and actress Sandra Bullock. Their ring was fashioned from an actual bolt & knot fabricated by the couple themselves from Jesse’s shop. Allen & Cristy are avid fans of a show hosted by Jesse called Monster Garage (aired on DiscoveryChannel). The rings were made by the same maker of Cristy’s engagement ring, Alain and Mye Siscar of MATUS JEWELLERY. Their rings are made with high quality materials and fine craftsmanship. Their excellent and personalized customer service is also a key factor for the couple’s decision to ask Matus to provide them with their symbol of union and love.