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July 24, 2018


Bryan & Malou

Bryan I were former neighbors and classmates from grade school. As kids we never became friends but enemies who fought like cats and dogs. Bryan went to the United States and we never saw each other since then. I studied in Manila and when I finished college I took another course in fashion design and soon after I landed a job in Makati. The name Bryan was only mentioned again when my father passed away, April 8, 2004. I need to go home for the prayer offering. 40days after his death. In that occasion Bryan’s mom was present, she arrived from the states for a visit. Since our parents are long time friends, topics about children can not be avoided. Our parents came to know that both Bryan and I are still single and family members started teasing and joking while taking pictures. I simply smiled, because I have a serious Korean admirer during that time.

When Bryan’s mom went back to the states I never heard about Bryan anymore. I’m always busy with my work but already considering the marriage proposal from a Korean man whose patience I really admired. We have known each other for almost two years and he made his intention to marry me in the latter part of 2005. His parents even flew from Korea just to see me and decided to open a business in Makati. A responsible, sincere and honest man. Before I knew it the marriage was already arranged by his parents. The date was set October 14, 2006 at Prima Hotel in Seoul, Korea.

In May of 2006, I was in the province for our town fiesta, never knew Bryan is also home for a vacation. Then I went back to Manila because of my work. Mom texted if I arrived safe and I learned that my balikbayan classmate is around. Few days after, I recieved a call, coming from a familiar voice in a distant past and its Bryan. The first communication we had after so many years. He asked me if we could see each other, so we met for the first time after 24yrs. From there a beautiful love story blossomed. Constant exchanges of emails for almost everyday brought us closer together. He said he came to the Philippines because he wanted to see me and if there is no attraction, spark or electricity between us it will be just a normal friendly gesture. But as Bryan said, instead it turned to be love at first sight, that made his vacation amazing and memorable. Of course I’m also happy to see him and wonder what has become of a young boy I hated so much when I was little.

When we met at Glorietta, Bryan mentioned that he thought of a skinny little girl and want to show the marks and scratches I had given him, but instead what he saw was a beautiful grown woman with a charming voice saying “Hello”. And if there will be a movie about us, according to Bryan, it would be ” Jerry Maguire ” because when she said “you had me at hello”, that is how he felt. So the simple HI! HELLO! developed in to something special. Bryan once said, from a brief moment,he glanced at me he knew he found that special someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, the missing piece that would make him complete. Like the famous words from the movie Jerry Maguire “You Complete Me”

Bryan knew I’m already engaged to be married when we met. But Bryan never thought of giving up. He came here May to see me, in four months he was back again for our civil wedding and returned again five months after for our church wedding. In one of his emails he told me, ” I am dead serious about wanting to marry you. For the shortest time we spent together and for all the wonderful conversation we had, I realize that I would be a fool to let you go so easily “. ” I would try to pry away his hold on you, one finger at a time, until he let go and wait for you to fall into my arms “. It took me a hard time to decide coz its not that easy after all. I went to Baclaran Church and prayed and seek Mama Mary’s help and guidance. I woke up one morning and finally I realized its true, that things happen for a reason.

We never imagine after all these years, as we went separate ways and in two distant world yet there is a certain force that brought us together, maybe its destiny. I can say that Bryan is hopelessly romantic guy and I love him. He love movies that has a fairytale ending, happy endings that does not usually happen in a real life but when it does its unbelievable! just like our love story. One thing I admire about Bryan,is how he show his feeling and emotion, very romantic in his own way. Bryan is a guy so easy to love and worthy of love and affection. We talk about almost everything, about being soulmate, settling down, start a family of our own, children to play with and care for and to be together for the rest of our life.

It was a whirlwind romance for both Bryan and me and in the span of one year so many things happened between us. We had our civil wedding last Oct. 13, 2006 and church wedding held March 18, 2007 to sealed our vows with blessing from God. It’s a happy ending for the two of us and we are very thankful, were given a chance to meet again and end up together in marriage.

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