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July 24, 2018


Clero & Jessa

Clero and Jessa started as Christian friends. Being involved in the same organization and the same circle of friends in college, they didn’t have any difficulty in getting to know each other. It was only on the fourth year of their friendship when Clero started courting Jessa. It seemed that God had prepared Clero and Jessa’s heart. Then He opened up the door for a sweet and meaningful relationship to form. However, considering that both of them were still students that time, they constrained themselves from becoming a couple yet faithfully prayed for the Lord’s will for them. Only when Clero has graduated from college when they officially became in a relationship.

The first year of their becoming a couple was a vibrant picture of a long distance relationship. Clero was working and staying then in Manila while Jessa was in Bicol finishing her degree. Nevertheless, distance was never a problem for them. Eventually after graduation, Jessa decided to work and stay as well in Manila.

In six long and beautiful years of being a Christian couple, they both enjoyed going through various kinds of circumstances. Both have learned so much, accomplished a lot and adored life even more with Christ at the center of it all. After years of officially dating, Clero proposed on their sixth anniversary. Jessa knew that anytime within that year, a proposal will happen, but she didin’t expect it to be on that day. It was a well- planned and sweet proposal with some of their friends and church mates witnessed the event. Clero’s proposal and Jessa’s blissful “yes!” are even sweeter when seeing the long journey that brought them to the committal of the rest of their lives to each other. God’s faithfulness is greatly evident in their relationship. Clero became one of SBCC’s pastors, in which the Lord has blessed with people who work in wedding industry.

Delighted with the news of their upcoming marriage, blessings after blessings were adorned to the couple by these people and many others. Matus Jewellery is one of them. The couple eyed no other wedding ring supplier but Matus, alone. They were greatly blessed that the enduring symbol of their pledges and commitment to each other were even made beautiful and glowing, with the rings they got from Matus.

April 5, 2014, the couple’s seventh year anniversary, marked the day when Clero and Jessa became husband and wife. It was a dazzling day that boomed with not only their deepened love for one another, but with God’s affection and extravagant performance of His faithfulness too. As fresh as marriage life for them as it is, both are having so much fun taking up this new journey of their lives.