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July 24, 2018


Felix & Geraldine

Our love story

Felix and i first met in year 2000 when a common friend introduced us. There were no sparks that flew as we were both attached at that time. Fast forward to year 2003. I happen to join Singles’ For Christ, a Christian community that Felix is already a member of. Aside from the activities of SFC, I found myself joining some brothers and sisters in the community for coffee and movie group dates. I thought serving in the community and going out with friends would help ease the pain of a broken heart. Enter Felix in the picture. Felix also happen to be at the end stages of a failing relationship at the time and was probably looking for friendly company. Misery does love company? Surprisingly, we were the only ones in the group suffering from the dreaded heart “ailment”. Going out with friends soon became going out exclusively as we wanted to get to know each other more. This is what defined the line from plain friendship to a more serious relationship. Once we both established what we really meant to each other, we went back to joining friends for the usual coffee and movie dates surprising them all that we have become a couple.

Fast forward to year 2007. After 4 years of being together, Felix thought that it was time to tie the knot. So, on November 15 of the same year, he popped the question. What surprised me more than the question was how he got my ring size (I never wore a ring) and how he found out what kind of engagement ring that I liked. It turned out that while we were scouting for wedding rings at Matus he really paid attention. And to be sure that he chose the best, he got my engagement ring from Matus with help from no less than Alain himself and Belle.

I could not believe my luck! My engagement ring and our wedding rings are from Matus. I wonder if that has something to do with the 080808 wedding date that we chose?

Come August 8th, 2008 it was time for our rings to shine. We are really proud of the wedding rings we chose because they representedhow we see our marriage. Like the rings, our marriage is precious, unending, and completely ours. It is something that we put time and effort in finding and having. The rings will remind Felix and I of the promise that we made to each other before the Lord and those who love us, for it is written inside our rings the verse from Matthew 19:6 “Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

Thank you, Matus for being at the right place at the right time. We came to the Wedding Congress not knowing where to go to for our rings. When we saw you guys opening the day with a prayer we knew at once we found the perfect supplier for one of the most important details of our wedding, our rings-the symbol of our marriage.

How and why Matus Jewellery?

A friend told me about Weddings at Work and I immediately joined this group of very excited future brides and grooms. This is where I first found out about Matus Jewellery. I looked up Matus’ website and fell in-love with their designs at once. I loved the designs so much that I actually printed out their webpage that has the picture of the wedding ring that I wanted.

The Wedding Rings

It was a good thing that Matus was joining the July 2007 Wedding Congress at the Megamall. Felix and I immediately signed up for that even if it meant being absent from our clinic in Pampanga for two days. Matus was the first supplier that we checked out at the congress. We were so early there that the people from Matus were still saying their morning prayer when we got to their booth. Immediately we knew that we wanted to get our rings from them. We admire their spirituality. We knew that we could trust them. Our wedding rings were one of the most important investments we would make for our wedding so it was imperative that we get the one ring supplier that could make us rings that were really worth our hard-earned money. We are happy that Matus was it!

The Engagement Ring

A bonus. My husband surprised me with an engagement ring from Matus (exactly the one I liked) 4 months after the unromantic proposal. This time he did it with a wonderful meal at our favourite breakfast place, three roses, a touching love letter and a very beautiful ring that Sir Alain helped him pick for me!

The custom-made Arrhae

I wanted an arrhae that is different from the usual coins-in-a cage fair. I texted Belle to ask her about Matus’ custom-made arrhae and quickly got a response. We had a beautiful custom-made arrhae. One of our Principal Sponsors got Matus’ number from me because she liked our rings and the arrhae.

Again, thank you Matus for making our wedding fabulous with our beautiful wedding rings, my lovely engagement ring and unique custom-made arrhae!