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July 24, 2018


Joseph & Abegail

I live in Australia with my family. In late December 1995 we went back to the Philippines for my aunt’s wedding. That was when I met Joseph. I was 11 turning 12, and he was almost 13 years old. Joseph was classmates with my cousin, and he was always going over my cousin’s house where we were staying. My cousin kept telling me that Joseph had a crush on me. I was only 11 at the time, so I was embarrassed by it. I had a secret crush on him too, but I never admitted to it in public. In January 1996 we went back to Australia, and Joseph and I didn’t see or hear from each other for the next 7 years.

In January 2003 my family and I went back to the Philippines for a long-awaited vacation. On my second day there, my cousins and I decided to go to the basketball court. They played, and I just sat and watched. There were a group of guys also playing there, but I didn’t pay much attention to them until my cousin told me that Joseph was one of them.

Much of my vacation was spent touring around the Philippines, but one day when we didn’t go anywhere, I went to the basketball court and saw Joseph sitting in the playground. We got re-introduced, and we talked for a little while. Afterwards, we would often see each other at the basketball court, or just outside my family’s compound. We talked to each other, and our relationship developed.

We had our first date at Riverbanks in Marikina on Valentine’s Day 2003. A week later, my family and I flew back to Australia. Joseph and I maintained a long-distance relationship for 2 years. It was very difficult and very lonely, but we persisted through it knowing that one day we would see each other again, and hopefully one day we would be able to get married.

In January 2005, I went back to the Philippines and lived there for 5 months. Joseph and I spent every day together, which only confirmed our feelings for one another and that we wanted to get married. We maintained our long-distance relationship yet again when I went back to Australia.

On Valentine’s Day 2007, Joseph and I got married at a civil wedding ceremony. It was our 4th anniversary. I found Matus Jewellery through weddings@work, and I saw their ring designs on their website. I fell in love with the rings straight away, and I had them ordered via e-mail with Belle Javier. When I saw the rings for the first time in real life, I could not believe how beautiful they were. When I came back to Australia, everyone complimented on how beautiful and unique my wedding ring was. I was able to sponsor Joseph to immigrate to Australia later in October.

My parents renewed their wedding vows on their Silver Anniversary in December 2007, and I recommended Matus to them. They chose a simple white gold band that was reminiscent of their first wedding bands.

On Valentine’s Day 2009, Joseph and I had our Canonical Wedding at St. Francis of Assisi Chapel in Fernwood Gardens, and our reception was at the Courtyard Garden. We decided to have a new set of rings so it can be blessed by the priest. We chose the same design as the first rings, but Matus added something a little extra because we had ordered from them so many times. They placed a diamond on the inside of the rings to give it an extra touch of romance and meaning.

Hopefully Matus will be around for our 10th Wedding Anniversary, just in case we want to renew our wedding vows and want to buy the same design rings again.

What a coincidence!!!

Belle T. Javier was the person that organised all of my e-mail orders and correspondence. I had always liked the name Mirabelle, and I planned on naming one of my daughters that one day, and call her Belle for short. My maiden surname starts with a T, and my husband’s surname is Javier. So before ever knowing Belle from Matus, I had already decided that one of my future daughters would be Belle T. Javier. After seeing Belle’s name I found the coincidence so funny that I e-mailed Belle about it. She found the story amusing too, but I’ve now decided to change Mirabelle to Madison so people don’t think I named my child after Belle from Matus.