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July 24, 2018


Joseph & Janele

Our Love Story

Our Love story? I find it boring! I see no excitement at all!

It actually started days before Valentines Day of 2002. I didn’t have any boyfriend nor date. I have this cousin, Julius, who happens to be Joseph’s officemate in Makati. We were joking around at home so I asked him to find me a date for Valentine’s Days but he said ” Cousin, you are so mean! How could anybody date you!” So I said, “You know my standards. You better pick somebody I will definitely fall in love with”.

On the other hand, Joseph never had a girlfriend. He once came to our house with my cousin and their friends but I didn’t notice or remember him at all coz I was really suplada. They had a gathering whatsoever and they ended up sleeping in our living room. The next morning I happened to work morning shift (6am-2pm). I was then a Nurse in UST Hospital. When I saw everybody asleep on the floor, It just pissed me off coz i have nowhere to pass through to the main door. I actually stepped on the spaces in between the guys. Good thing I was wearing pants. I didnt know Joseph was there. He only told me that he was with them when he was my boyfriend already. He admitted that he was actually awake that early morning and was actually laughing when he saw me walk in between them. hahaha. After that, Joseph was asking my number from my cousin Julius but Julius never gave him thinking that I’m gonna get mad. After how many days, julius finally gave my number. Thank God!!!

We exchanged messages thru text that Valentines day then he came to visit the next day. It was my first time to see him. There were stars sparkling in my eyes and the rest was History…

Long Distance Love Affair

We were already dating for a year when I came here to the States. We were both 25 yrs old then. I never thought we can go this far because a lot of people don’t believe in Long Distance Love affair. We actually made a deal! that If we happen to part ways and still single at the age of 28, we’ll get married. So I left for the states, he was working then as a Computer Engineer in Makati. There wasn’t really that much problem except of course you miss each other and having second thoughts if this relationship is gonna grow because of the distance. After few months, He left for Taiwan. Since then, our communication has been better coz phone bills are a lot cheaper!

The Proposal

After 1 1/2 years in the States, I decided to go home. I planned to go visit Joseph in Taiwan for 2 days then head home. I thought I had everything prepared. I was so excited to see him but when I was in The airport they were asking for my Taiwan Visa. It never came to my mind that I need a tourist Visa since Taiwan is in Asia and most Asian countries don’t require Tourist Visa! One thing more, my travel agent never told me anything about it. In short, they sent me home and rescheduled my flight directly to the Phils. the next day. We were so depressed. He never talked to me for a week. He really thought i did it on purpose… The next day we had to take our connecting flight in Taiwan. I told him to just go to the airport coz we might get a chance to meet. But since the waiting time was only 2 hrs, I didn’t have the chance to see him. We were over the phone crying coz we know we are just in the same place but still can’t see each other.

After a month it was time for me to come back to the States. I again told him to go to the airport coz our stop-over is again in Taiwan. We had four hours of waiting time before Boarding for the next flight. As soon as i arrived in Taiwan, I asked him where he was at, then I actually asked the Chinese immigration officers who hardly speak any English, to just let me see him even for like 10 mins. After a very long plea and kaartehan plus showing them my documents, they decided to have somebody escort me where he was at and we finally saw each other. hahaha what a drama! And there he proposed, ofcourse I said YES! (Infront of the Immigration police!!! ) Then, time was Up! Back to the Plane!

Our Rings and Matus Jewellery

To live abroad and get married in the Philippines is pretty tough. We have to have suppliers that are well known for excellence in craftsmanship, quality and of course good price. In addition, they should have good reviews from previous clients and a good website really helps. Most importantly, they should definitely have a good costumer service through prompt answering of emails. All these things we found in Matus Jewellery. We were amazed how beautiful our rings were. Thanks to all of you guys!