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July 24, 2018


Law & Cel

Our Story

Law and I met at UPLB when we became colleagues at the university, teaching Statistics courses. What started as a friendship eventually ended into something romantic. Perhaps we both had the same outlook in life as we considered our relationship each other’s last although seven years of being together was not all bliss. There was a myriad of trials but God kept us strong and bonded us even more.

It was in January 7, 2010 when we got engaged in the most peculiar way. The engagement was so unique such that even if someone, ten or twenty years from now, would ask us to recount how it went, we would still vividly recall the details. And looking back, God has indeed blessed us because when we decided that it was time for us to get married, we were never financially secure – by this, I mean not having a single peso in our bank accounts as savings! We succumbed ourselves to prayer and as the months of wedding preparation went on, we saw how God worked miracles for us.

December 4, 2010 was the most awaited day for us. We would never forget the stress that went with all the preparations especially since it was still the bride and the groom who worked everything out. We personally handled all transactions with our suppliers, hence the stress. The good thing about it is that we personally know all our suppliers by heart and became friends with most of them. With the help of our very close friends who agreed to become coordinators on the day of the wedding, we were able to pull it through, at last! It was indeed a day of overflowing love and joy. The presence of our families and friends most dear to us was just overwhelming. The wedding was filled with an outburst of emotions as everyone wished us the best of everything this new journey to life has in store for us.

Our First

Now that we are officially husband and wife, Law and I decided to compile the many “firsts” that we have. We call these “Our Firsts”. I came to realize while pondering on the first few words to get this special message started, MATUS Jewellery was actually the very first supplier that we booked last year when we were preparing for our wedding! Talk about destiny… or maybe just plain coincidence.

It was January 23, 2010 when we first met MATUS at the Wedding & Debut Expo of Weddings & beyond at NBC Tent, The Fort. Indeed, it was A Walk to Remember. Law and I approached their booth as we were quite intrigued by the number of couples visiting it (the picture is a proof). As soon as we talked to Ms. Belle, we already know why – there is a personal touch in all their dealings. We were not treated as merely customers but instant friends. They were very patient as we tried a pair of rings after another at the same time answering our queries. So we booked right away and as it is, it was one of the best decisions we made as far as choosing our suppliers.

The succeeding encounters with them at the Megamall were equally pleasing. We were always greeted with pleasant people and our requests granted. They were very considerate with our budget concerns and really flexible with payments. And we are indeed glad because they also shared to us helpful details about rings. A visit to Matus Jewellery is always a delightful experience for us.

And so our heartfelt thanks go to Ms. Belle, Ms. Mye, Mr. Alain, Cindy and the rest of Team MATUS Jewellery. It’s so nice to have found friends in all of you guys. May God bless you more and more. couple’s wedding.