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July 24, 2018


Leo & Lyka

They say opposites do attract, in Leo and Lyka’s case, it is more of one complementing one another.

They were classmates in college when they first noticed each other. First impression to each other was suplada and suplado. But for some reason, an undeniable attraction arose as their friendship deepened but they tend not to admit it or even prioritize the spark since they are aiming to successfully finish the degree in preparation for the board exam.

Eventually, they passed the board exam and the Lord’s hands work to enable them to work in the same accounting firm in Makati. That was the chance to let the simple attraction bloom as their beautiful friendship became personal and intimate. And through prayers and mutual decision, they became a couple.

It was June 11, 2007 when they officially became a couple. A lot of people were very happy for both of them. Like normal relationships, there were ups and downs, but they decided to commit the relationship to the Lord and lift up to Him all their concerns. He faithfully holds the couple together. The trials in every season bonded them stronger. Late night movies, dinner after work, weekends in their hometown and everything was perfectly going smooth as they sailed along in the boyfriend-girlfriend phase. It was indeed a fruitful relationship.

In September 28, 2008, Leo decided to work abroad as Lyka stayed in the Philippines to continue her career. With the mindset to test the relationship if it can conquer time and distance along with the prayer that the Lord will keep them together if He really wants the relationship to succeed and become a testimony and a blessing to others, they decided to give a long distance relationship a try. And thru God’s faithfulness, He answered their prayers all throughout.

In time, they both knew and felt that they needed to take their relationship to the next level. They prayed and decided not to talk for 7 days to really reflect if this is the Lord’s will for them. As a result of their prayers, they became engaged in August 13, 2010 during an out of town vacation. It was something to remember… quite awkward since Leo’s attempt to officially and formally propose was sabotaged by Lyka who happens to be unaware of it. But the third attempt was worth it and that was the sweetest part in the vacation.

They agreed to get married on June 11, 2011, their fourth year anniversary as a couple. The preparation was quite tedious, Leo being afar due to his work and Lyka having been left in the Philippines to prepare for the remaining wedding details. With the Lord’s blessings and favors, they got very good and reliable suppliers. The selection was carefully handpicked by them. They wanted a special wedding ring as it will symbolize their love and commitment to each other.

Ms. Mye of Matus is one of the most sincere suppliers that they had. She carefully explained all the jewelry details, specs of every materials and impact of placing each material in order to make a great wedding band. She even determines if it will look good along with the engagement ring. And most of all, the prices of the rings are reasonable and material rates were being computed based on the date of reservation and not on the date of payment placement and proceeding on the order.

Upon pick up of the wedding band, they were informed by Cindy of Matus that Ms. Mye advised to finish the rings and make it beautiful for them. Thank you Ms. Mye, Cindy and the entire team for a job well done!

Until this day, the Lord faithfully answers their prayer and blesses their union in a foreign land. How about you? What’s your Matus story?