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August 28, 2018


Logan & Jen

“Engagement and Wedding Rings have been a major part of tradition in a couple’s union. Having the venue of the wedding in the United States last March 2018, my husband wants something very valuable to bring from the Philippines that will be a part of our wedding and marriage and I told him that here you go we have our rings. Logan and I, were so glad and grateful to have Matus on our side for this. They have great selection of rings that suits your taste and personality and even your budget. For me personally, I love the rose gold color of the band which looks more romantic and with diamonds that gives that sparkle touch. Searching for that perfect ring for us, we went from one boutique to another and the moment we entered Matus at Megamall we were accomodated with warmth and enthusiasm by their staffs. They are very knowledgeable and an expert of their craft and delivers their services either on time or ahead of what they have committed. Yes, we highly recommend Matus as your resource for engagement and wedding rings.” – Jen and Logan Perry