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July 24, 2018


Rigo & Roni

Our love story

My father and Rigo used to work in the same government agency. It was August of 2004 when my father, who has been working in the provincial office in Capiz, had to go to Manila for an official travel. Rigo and his friend Kit were assigned to meet my father at the Manila pier. Since my father knows nothing about Manila, my sister and I decided to meet him so he can be with us before he goes back home. When we arrived at the Manila pier, we found out that the trip from Capiz was delayed. Knowing that Manila pier is not a safe place to stay, I thought of looking for my father’s co-workers who will be meeting him. I was happy when I found two persons wearing the same uniform as my father I approached Rigo and Kit and told them that we were waiting for the same person. At first, Rigo was very silent and it was Kit to whom I talked to the entire time while we were waiting for the arrival of my father. Rigo finally talked to my sister and eventually asked for my sister’s phone number and my sister got his.

When my father went back home, I thought of thanking Kit and Rigo for taking good care of my father while he was in Manila. I was not able to ask Kit’s phone number so I used my sister’s cell phone and sent Rigo a message of thanks. We continued to send text messages, became friends until he finally asked me out. We finally became a couple after a month of dating.

We enjoyed the time of being together as we only have the chance to spend quality time on weekends because he lives in Caloocan while I was staying in Manila. When he had appointments in Manila, he was making a stop at my office and gave me my favorite Kowloon siopao and a drink. He would sometimes go to Rockwell after work and had enough patience waiting for me until I finish my evening class at the AGSB.

When I was granted a Canadian permanent resident VISA in 2007, I spent a little time with my parents in Capiz and he came along with me. We were in the town plaza when he asked me to go inside the church across it. That was where he popped the question. We were engaged in November 2007 before I left for Canada.

The first few months of being far from each other (without the weekend dating) were not easy for us. We had been arguing even on simple things as we misunderstood each other’s actions. It was May 2008 when we finally adjusted to the situation. We then started to work on our wedding plans. I came home for our big day on December 29, 2008.

Why Matus?

While we were dating, we found out that we both love jewelry. Our moms taught us how to choose a good kind as they gave us a piece of jewelry for some important occasions. Before I came to Canada, we started looking for a good quality wedding ring that suits our budget. We both agreed that we will not settle on a mediocre ring as it is the only remembrance we have in addition to the wedding photos. We also did some research over the internet on the best wedding ring and that was where got an idea for our criteria – a heart and arrows diamonds for our rings.

I was looking for the website of some jewelry stores and when I came to the website of Matus, I was impressed with the rings they have. They are uniquely made according to the client’s preference and budget. I told Rigo about it and he visited their store at Glorietta. He liked the jewelry on display and he liked talking to the Matus people as they are all friendly. He asked about the ring we want and they provided us with a lot of suggestions. When we were choosing our wedding rings, they had enough patience as we changed the design of our ring for several times. Ms. Belle was also keeping us posted on the status of our rings.

I got hold of the wedding rings a week before our wedding day. They are so beautiful! And the hearts and arrows diamonds, as what we wanted, are nice and perfect! My co-workers here in Canada are very much amazed of my ring; it’s stunning as they say.

Thank you Matus for being a great part of our wedding. You will always be remembered as you made one of the symbols of our love for each other. More power to you and may you continue to be a part of every couple’s wedding.