Roy & Michelle


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July 24, 2018


The Couple’s Story

Roy Nibalvos and Michelle Luciano first met during their elementary days for they attended the same school (Holy Trinity Academy, Balic-Balic). Roy was a former classmate of one of her cousins. This cousin of her will tag Roy along, together with some of their friends, to play family computer at their place where Michelle usually stayed to play with her other cousins. They never saw each other since the cousin and Roy went to different high school.

Roy went to UST Pay High School while Michelle went to UST Education High School (a laboratory school). Both were very much active in Scouting and officers in their respective school. Until one day, both high schools collaborated a Scouting Summer Workshop in 1993 for their officers and members. Michelle saw a familiar face but not quite sure who he was. Then suddenly, Roy approached Michelle and said, ” Di ba ikaw yung classmate ni Lawrence sa Holy?” Michelle was shocked and remembered him and said to herself, “Si Roy pala yun! Kaya pala mukhang kilala ko”. After the workshop, they both participated a 5-day camp in Mt. Makiling and got the chance to know each other more. Behind Roy’s face, was a person full of talent and Michelle was easily drawn to him. He was a silent type but very accommodating; a “kuya” to everyone. Even Michelle called him “kuya”. Little did she know, she felt something different for him because he was so kind and good-hearted.

After the camp, they both became members of Brighton Venturers, a community scouting based in Tondo, Manila; also, an organization active in socio-civic works. Those weekly meetings, community programs and activities drew them more closely to each another. Even in school, though Roy was a freshman engineering student at UST and Michelle was a graduating high school student in the same school, during his breaks, he would visit her once in a while and share some chit-chat and merienda together.

Months past, came the 1st Asean Jamboree in Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna. That was December of 1993. They were both part of the Global Development Village, one-activity venue during the 5-day event. One day, the group which the two were a part of, decided to play the “TRUTH or DARE” game. That game revealed a lot of secrets that the two of them just shared with the group. All the while, they already have feelings for each other. After the game, they both talked and decided to be a couple. It was December 30, 1993.

Their relationship was not so perfect; they have their share of ups and downs. But what’s important, they hold on to each other; believed and inspire each other. So after being together for 13 years, they decided to tie the knot and begin another chapter of their lives together as husband and wife.

The Wedding Band

Before the start of the wedding preparations, the couple was determined that they would stick to a certain budget and wedding rings were no exception. So the couple went to Binondo, Manila, and canvassed a set of white gold rings as their wedding band. They saw a simple yet elegant design but very much affordable and decided that they will purchase them as soon as they have the money.

But after a research, the bride-to-be found out that jewelries being sold in Binondo were not so pure that’s why they sell it very affordably. So the couple talked and decided that they will invest in their wedding band since these will be very significant, a reminder of their love and commitment to each other. They came acrossed Matus Jewellery in one of the wedding website and browsed it. The couple inquired and found out that the company gives lay-away plans to budget-constraint couples. After a meeting with Mr. Alain Siscar, who was very accommodating, they decided to tap Matus Jewellery as their wedding band supplier.

“Ms. Belle and Alain were easy to talk to and easy to deal with. They always give-in to our requests. And when we finally got the rings, we were very excited! We were very much satisfied with their craftsmanship. Choosing Matus were one of the best decisions we made. Their highly recommended!” Michelle said.

The couple chose a very simple and elegant yet modern design set in 14-carat white gold. It was 1805551 wgw band listed in Matus Jewellery website. It was a wedding band fit for the couple’s active lifestyle.